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  • Joshua Parsons

An Undefined Style

Meet Armia ‘Mia’ Shell. Like me, you may have noticed her unique style on campus. She is a sophomore History major with a minor in Pre-Law.

Shell does not claim one sense of style but uses the terms “chill, boyish, chic and dark” to explain the types of outfits she puts together. Seeing Shell on campus, I always loved to see what interesting and original pieces she would pick next.

Her style is 90’s grunge with a 2018 twist – very androgynous. She uses pieces that are over-sized, but also pieces that are cut short or skin tight. Shell is inspired not only by the style of her older brothers, but also from her style icon: Rihanna.

“She does whatever she wants," said Shell. "She can’t lose.”

This is a trait that Shell has in common with her A list role model.

I asked Shell to show three different looks in her closest that she felt best defined her style. In her choices, there were thrifted items as well as pieces girls her age would not normally go for.

“It’s okay if people don’t understand what I’m trying to do with my style – I dress for me,” said Shell. “They laugh at you now, but they will copy you later.”

Shell's modern attitude on style leaves her limited when shopping in just the women’s section; instead, she finds that both the men's and women’s section expands her possibilities when creating an outfit.

Since coming to CCU, her look has “definitely evolved” because of seeing other students on campus with interesting outfits. She finds ways in which she can recreate their look and make it her own.

Depending on her mood, you will find her in looks she described as “feeling it, not feeling it and in between.” At night, she picks three possible outfits to wear to class the next day and, in the morning, she decides which look wins.

Whether or not you understand Shell's looks, it is hard not to notice them. For that, she sticks out on a campus full of different styles.

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