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  • Joshua Parsons

Say 'Yes' to color

Pollen covered windshields, bee infested fences and late evening sunsets can only mean one thing – it's spring time in South Carolina. With the cold days behind us and the summer heat almost here, it’s time to bring out the summer wardrobe and look out for this season’s hottest trends.

When looking for inspiration for what to wear this season, there’s only one place I turn to: Vogue.

In the March issue of the holy grail of all fashion magazines, I found some expensive trends that are easy to mimic for more affordable student budgets. One of the most noteworthy trends are solid color outfits. What seems like an outdated concept has been reborn overnight.

This summer, pick a bright color that compliments your skin tone and build an entire outfit out of that shade. Having one color represented in an entire outfit makes the pieces look cool and cohesive.

Another trend that has popped is the statement bag. Having a neutral/simple outfit and pairing it with a brightly colored or boldly printed bag makes a safe outfit fun. The statement bag is good for adding just enough color or print to make the look as a whole stimulating. Also, if you aren’t afraid to mix colors or patterns together, it really can make an outfit stand out from the everyday looks seen on campus.

Some of the trends that I have noticed as the weather warms up on campus is the bright pink shoe. Guys and girls alike have rocked powder pink to hot pink hues. It not only makes the outfit less of a “safe choice,” but it also draws the eyes straight to the shoes, as if they demand to be seen. From Nike to New Balance, I have seen just about every brand and every shade of pink. It’s taking over the campus in the best way possible.

One product that I highly recommend is Body Lava by Fenty Beauty. Rihanna is not only Mia’s fashion icon, she happens to be my number one Icon as well. Her new product “Body Lava” is essentially a highlighter for your entire body. This product shimmers and shines to give your skin that perfect summer glow. It’s selling out fast and for a reason: it’s all the rage this summer and will take your skin to radiant new heights.

Say yes to color and the showing of skin this summer. The weather will be very warm, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show off the summer wardrobe that has been sitting in your closet this entire semester!

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