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  • Morgen Cvetko

Softball breaks losing streak

The Ladies Chanticleer Softball team has broken their losing streak and walked away with four wins this past weekend.

On Wednesday the Ladies had their first game against Duke and came away with a win. It will come as no surprise to hear that Courtney Dean, Freshman Infielder, hit a homerun to bring in two runs and put the ladies on the board in the first inning. The pitcher for the first game Ashley Guillette pitched a great game with only seven hits.

The weekend brought more wins for the ladies as they took on Georgia Southern. In the first game Kassidy Smith homered in the fourth bringing in two runs. Smith hit another homerun in the fifth inning. Ashley Guillette seemed to be in her rhythm pitching another outstanding game.

The ladies defeated Georgia southern again in the second game. Alexis Alvino got her homerun in the bottom of the third and Timi Tooley followed with a homerun in the bottom of the sixth. Kaitlin Beasley-Polko pitched the second game with only four hits.

The third game of the weekend brought in the fourth win of the week for the ladies. Timi Tooley got another homerun in the first inning, starting the chanticleers off on the right foot. Kailey Mellen followed her with another homerun in the first brining in three runs.

The ladies were just getting started. Natalie David hit a homer bringing in another three runs in the fifth. The ladies ended the game in the sixth with a final score of 12-4. It was a great weekend for pitching as well with Beasley-Polko bringing the weekend to a close with pitching less than ten hits in the final game.

The Chanticleers continued their win streak with a 2-1 win over UNC-Wilmington on April 10. Ashley Guillette pitched five innings, recording four strikeouts and improved to 11-9 on the season.

The Chanticleers are now 22-20 on the season and will travel to Troy this weekend.

The ladies will be back on the home field on April 17 to face College of Charleston at 5 p.m.

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