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  • Akilah Stroman

Coastal football hosts annual spring game

On Friday night, the Coastal Carolina football team had its spring football game.

Starting off with warm-ups, the team moved into different drills throughout the night and also included two live sessions between the first and second offensive units against the first and second defensive units.

After warm-ups, special teams came on the field, and the team did different situational drills. Next was strike mode, that was when the offense started at the defense's 35-yard line. The offense had two chances against the first defense, and the second offense had a chance against the second defense.

During the live scrimmage, Kilton Anderson moved with the offense down the field with completions to Kendrick Lowery and Larry Collins, Jr. After the drive stalled, the offense was able to get a 35-yard field goal by Massimo Biscardi.

The second unit was led by Chance Thrasher. Although he got down the field with the offense, the defense was able to stop them. The second unit missed a 45-yard field goal attempt by Luis Ferreira.

Bryce Carpenter was on the field with the first unit and was able to give the Chanticleers their first touchdown of the live scrimmage. A 15-yard pass from Carpenter to Lowery and a 23-yard rush by Alex James helped contribute to the touchdown.

When the scrimmage was over, the fans were thanked for coming out and were told that the team will be working to fix all of the issues they had during the game and can't wait until the season starts.

The Chanticleers start the 2018 season off at South Carolina on Sep. 1.

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