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  • Ian Livingston Brooking

My (second) trip to Harvard

This past weekend, Yaicha Ocampo, the assistant editor of The Chanticleer, and I were able to attend the Christopher J. Georges Conference for Collegiate Journalism at Harvard University in Cambridge, Ma.

I originally attended the 2016 Christopher J. Georges Conference for Collegiate Journalism as a freshman, where Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Rezendes from the Boston Globe was the main event.

While there were many topics that were discussed at the conference from the gun control debate to the struggle of print newspapers making it in the digital age, there was something that really stuck with me in the conference.

During the breakout session that I attended “Social Media/Audience Engagement Strategy”, I learned a lot of new methods and strategies that will help this publication be able to have more of a social media presence.

While the speaker, Matthew Karolian, had a slide presentation ready for us, Karolian was very interested in what each and every publication had to say on the matter of social media and advertisement opportunities.

It was a pleasure speaking with members from the Harvard Crimson, The Dartmouth and several other members of national collegiate newspapers and share ideas on what we all can do to generate revenue for our publications and to see how each and every one of us can gain more attention on all social media platforms.

I look forward to trying out these strategies in the coming months.

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