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  • Yaicha Ocampo

Help Save the Next Girl makes it's way to CCU

The New Year brought new organizations onto Coastal Carolina’s campus such as a chapter of Help Save the Next Girl (HSTNG) that began in February.

Help Save the Next Girl is a national non-profit organization that was formed in honor of Morgan Dana Harrington. Harrington was a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student that had been abducted and murdered in 2009. One hundred and one days later, her skeleton was discovered by a farmer in a remote pasture about six miles from where she had been taken. Their mission is to sensitize young women and girls to the predatory dangers prevalent in today’s society.

Junior Marine Science major, Anna Beck, is president and founder of CCU’s chapter.

“Coastal Carolina’s Chapter of Help Save the Next Girl follows their mission by advocating for sexual assault survivors and providing a student-based support system, as well as, reaching out to the families of missing persons to supply and distribute the posters,” Beck said. “We also provide services such as home cooked meals and babysitting.”

Shakiera Ceo is a sophomore and secretary of Help Save the Next Girl.

“Sadly, abduction and sexual assault, two factors that the organization sheds light on, are things that frequently happen college campuses,” Ceo said. “Help Save the Next Girl strives to teach prevention techniques, provide assistance, and educate college students about the reality of abduction and sexual assault to lessen the chances of it occurring.”

Alexis Baney is a junior Exercise Science major and a member of HSTNG. She believes that this organization is a crucial addition to CCU.

“It’s important because safety is becoming an epidemic on college campuses, and many woman and men spoke out this year. I feel like this is an excellent opportunity to get the word out and help make CCU a safer place.”

Baney also commented on why she joined the organization. .

“I joined because I am a survivor of Sexual Assault,” Baney said. “It really changed me and did shape me to be a stronger person so, when Anna started the club, I was so excited to be able to help women or men or anyone who could be or has been affected.”

The organization has been very active this month of April. The president had this to say about their increase level of involvement.

“Since we started in February 2018, we have not been active in many events,” said Beck. “However, this April we will be passing out Sexual Assault Awareness ribbons and doing a Consent Pledge banner.”

The organization is also already planning for next academic year. In the Fall, they plan on hosting a showing of the Hunting Ground and discussing the establishment and importance of Title IX on campuses.

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