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  • Joshua Parsons

"Dress good, feel good"

Meet Natalie Tyran, a senior psychology major from Illinois. With a style that is unlike anyone on campus, Natalie is an expert at changing casual looks into something dressed up and put together. Her confidence is apparent with her bold, fashion forward choices that perfectly accentuate her figure.

Natalie truly has a gift of putting together ensembles that anyone would be envious of. She has a distinct color pallet that compliments her skin tone, and can put together looks not normally seen in Conway, South Carolina. She’s light years beyond her peers on campus when it comes to her style, but she definitely hasn’t let it go to her head.

Natalie has come a long way, in high school she suffered from an eating disorder and confidence issues. She opened up about her old fashion style.

“I picked things without really thinking about them,” says Tyran. “I just bought things because it’s what everyone else was wearing.”

After her difficult past Natalie came to CCU and discovered that she had a talent she wasn’t even aware of.

After battling the eating disorder and confidence issues Natalie found that dressing like everyone else wasn’t really working for her. She started putting pieces together that worked for her body, and as the compliments and recognition grew so did her confidence.

Natalie’s style icon’s: the Hadid sisters, Rihanna and Tracy Ellis Ross are all women who aren’t afraid to make daring choices when it comes to clothes, and this is something Natalie took notice of.

She describes her new style as “boho, classic, easy and approachable” and “dresses for the profession she could see herself in.” Natalie’s goal is to become a psychologist where she can help teenagers going through eating disorders and body image issues.

“Everyone is worthy of having a voice,” says Tyran. “When you dress good, and look good, you feel good.”

This accomplished, stylish young lady is well on her way to achieving her goals, and letting others know they are not alone in difficulties with body image.

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