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  • OTia Prioleau

Live Life Comfortably

Spring 2018 is coming to an end and before you know it, the fall semester will be here and new and returning students will be settling into University housing.

First year students there are on campus housing; Ingle, Eaglin, the Woods, Chanticleer and Tradition. For second year students, there is a requirement to live in University Place or the Gardens and for third year and so on will have the option to live at University Place and the Gardens if they please.

Steven Harrison, Vice President of Axillary Enterprises at Coastal Carolina, talked about the latest additions to campus.

“We have a lot more housing than we’ve had in the past,” Steven Harrison says, “There have been years where we’ve been tight and it was very challenging to get a bed, we’ve added almost 1300 beds on campus.”

Harrison has been at Coastal Carolina University involved in housing for eight years, but about seven of those years, he has been the senior housing officer. Harrison had a vast knowledge of the apartment complexes that make up the Woods.

“A lot of those places were built in the 80’s due to grant money that was given to the university,” said Harrison.

Brittany Jimenez, a sophomore Resident Adviser at Coastal Carolina, talked about the benefits of living at University Place.

“University Place is ten times better in my mind,” said Jimenez. “You have more parking, more free space, your own space, own bathroom and walk in closet. If you apply early and get accepted early in May a lot of people would try to do their housing as soon as they get accepted, but they don’t know that as soon as you get into housing what shows is not all that is open.”

Jimenez has only been a part of housing since the end of March but RA’s get the benefits of getting their housing and unlimited meal plan completely paid for and free dinners and brunch and counsel meetings. While living at UP before becoming an RA in Ingle she realized the benefits.

“If one was to blast music in their apartment the people across the hall would not be able to hear it because of how private and closed off it was,” said Jimenez. “You get your own bathroom as well and as an RA there you do not have to do as many programs.”

Be sure to check out what all of University Housing to offer by following them on social media and by checking out MyCoastalHome.

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