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  • Ian Livingston Brooking

Former Coastal Carolina soccer player lands head coaching job

Former Coastal Carolina men’s soccer forward Martin Melchor has been named the new head coach of the men’s and women’s soccer program at Jacksonville College in Jacksonville, Texas.

Melchor, who played at Coastal Carolina from 2014 to 2017, returns to his hometown to help lead the way of the junior college program after the previous head coach accepted another head coaching position earlier this year.

Melchor talked about what he has been doing after his time at Coastal Carolina came to an end.

. “I always knew that I wanted to start my coaching career, whether it be right now or after playing,” said Melchor. “After I graduated from Coastal Carolina in December, I came back home and had a couple of tryouts to play professionally. While I was doing tryouts, I took up some volunteer coaching opportunities. I began volunteering here at Jacksonville College. I basically tried to help out as much as I could to get some experience.”

Melchor opened up about the decision to accept the head coaching job at Jacksonville College.

“I found out that the head coach at the time was planning to move,” said Melchor. “The administration was very interested in me taking over because they knew who I was and where I played. It was very easy for them to trust me and offering me the position.”

Martin, currently 22 years old, talked about what it is like to be a head coach that is the same age as some of his seniors and how he plans to be manage his newfound responsibility as a head coach.

“To be honest, you have a couple players that are older than me when you take into account some of the international players,” said Melchor. “At Coastal, we had Kyle Russell as an assistant coach. Someone who was young, who played at Coastal and in all honesty, someone we could relate to and talk with outside of soccer. I really don’t have that luxury at the moment because I am taking the head coach position so my challenge is to try to get away from that as much as possible. I will try to be strictly their head coach and nothing more off the field. Of course, I would like to be someone they can trust and someone they can come to when they have problems.”

Melchor brings four years of Division I experience to the table and mounds of success. Melchor is a three-time conference champion, winning the Big South in 2014 and the Sun Belt the past two seasons. Melchor scored 19 goals during his time as a Chanticleer, six of those coming in the postseason.

Melchor talked about the goals that he has for the upcoming season and how he plans to use his Division I experience.

“I really want to establish he culture here in the soccer program at Jacksonville,” said Melchor. “I want try to implement some of the things that Coach Docking and Coach Russell had in place at Coastal Carolina because I know the kids will benefit from it. I want them to have a little bit more organization in their lives when it comes to school work and a little bit more discipline on the field. I want to establish that culture where we know what we are about.”

Melchor also said that he wants to help his players develop to where they can further their playing career at a four-year school or wherever the sport of soccer will take them.

Melchor also talked about the long-term goals that he has planned for himself and for Jacksonville College.

“I want to go as far as I can,” said Melchor. “I have never been truly satisfied with where I am at so I want to go as far as I can as a soccer coach. It’s that drive that I have always had.”

Melchor sees his current job at Jacksonville College as a great first step and can also see himself coaching at the Division I level.

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