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  • Joshua Parsons

It's good to be Queen

For those of you who are unaware, the September issue of Vogue magazine is THE ISSUE. It’s their biggest and most important issue of the year because it is unveiling the fall fashion which is also THE SEASON for fashion. It’s when everyone can wear layers, get out their boots and that one jacket they have been dying to wear all summer.

The Queen B herself, was chosen for the cover of the magazines most important issue of the year and was given full creative freedom. Beyoncé, being the legendary history maker that she is time and time again, decided to hire Vogue’s first black photographer, 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell. Mitchell’s work is absolutely stunning. He made Beyoncé look so beautiful and elegant in the soft sunset lighting with simple back drops.

The whole collection has such a pleasing and consistent aesthetic. Not only did this magazine cover change Mitchell’s life, it changed the fashion industry forever. Beyoncé proved that people of all races have talent and an eye for art; they just need to be given the chance to show it.

The fact that it took Vogue Magazine 118 years to hire an African American photographer is tragic. Mitchell showed the magazine that they had been missing out for every single one of those years when he did his thing at the Beyoncé shoot.

Sometimes it takes just one person to get their big break so that they can change the world for the better, and for that Beyoncé should be looked at in an even higher light then she already is.

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