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Happytime Murders: A killer of a time?

Happytime Murders is a movie that recenty went to the theaters, featuring familiar faces like Melissa McCarthy and Elizabeth Banks. In a world where puppets live lives as humans do, trying to make it day by day working a job and trying not to die. It is vulgar, sexual, and comedic all at the same time.

The cast come together with these voices behind the puppetry to create a world like an Avenue Q scenario. This movie is dirty comedy, but it does bring in moral concepts of prejudice, privilege, and stereotyping. Not all audience members may catch those hidden moral concepts behind all the laughter but while evaluating the film, it could be hidden interpretation of things that society may miss as we go through our daily lives just trying to make it day by day.

Overall, the film was funny and at times suspenseful. It had elements that brought back memories of childhood but also made sure to swing full force into adulthood terminology and actions.

The whole plot synopsis focuses on the main character, Detective Phil Phillips, who finds himself being setup by a past mistake. Along with the help of friends, he works to find the real criminal who is bringing extreme harm to the “Happytime Gang” which is a portrayed famous television show about puppets. Through his adventure, he not only works on finding the criminal but ends up finding his true purpose as a puppet.

If you aren’t turned off by the vulgarity and sexual explicitly, then this movie may be one you should check out soon. Make sure to head on over to the local theaters on Tuesday’s for $5 movies all day long! Or, wait for the CCU Movie Theater to bring it on for $2 movie weekends at the Coastal Movie Theater in the Lib Jackson Student Union with FREE POPCORN!

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