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  • Hope Smith

How to pass the time during the 'Hurrication'

We know it’s boring. You’ve been sitting at home trying to figure out what to do… Here are the answers!

Hurrication brings on another week of being anywhere except in the classroom, so here are a few things you can do before returning that could occupy some of your time:

  1. HOMEWORK: Yeah, yeah. We know you don’t want to hear it but if you go ahead and work on some homework each day, that’s less you’ll have to worry about since you’ve been procrastinating. Start reading that book, write that paper, get to work. The more you do now and the less you will have to think about later.

  2. SLEEP: Get some rest. You spent all summer working, doing summer classes, and now you were just getting back into the routine of school… Take a little bit of time to relax and sleep. You know when you get back it’s going to be crazy again, so get some sleep now before you’re back on that two hours of sleep a night schedule.

  3. TRAVEL: Go see something you haven’t seen before. Get outdoors. Go on an adventure. There are so many things nearby. Even if you go home, make it a point to try something new in your hometown whether it be a restaurant or even something as simple as going to see a new film in theaters… Get out there! If you’re staying in the southern region and looking for a place to explore, you can check out Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA. Two of the bigger nearby cities that aren’t too far. If you’re looking to go a little farther, you could head on over to Nashville, TN or even Orlando, FL to Disney World! Make some memories and tag the Chanticleer on social media when you do.

  4. NETFLIX OR HULU: Oh, c’mon, you know you gotta. If you’re looking for a new series to start and finish between now and classes resuming check out one of the following popular series:






Check some of these things off your list. Make memories. Try something new!

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