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  • OTia Prioleau

A message to CCU Freshman

Dear Freshmen,

“Hi, this is Emma McCarthy, I am a sophomore here at Coastal Carolina University and my advice to incoming freshmen is to go to sleep at a reasonable time and to make sure you wake up for your early morning classes because sometimes you’ll want to oversleep and you're going to miss those classes and it will be the worst feeling you’ll ever feel.”

“I’m Noelle Jennings, a sophomore, my advice for freshmen is to go to your classes because if you don’t go to your classes everyday you will fail. [I] wish [I] focused more on time management and set more time for school work. I didn’t know a lot of people at first, but joining a sorority definitely made me branch out and meet people who I would have never talked to otherwise. Just try your hardest, go to your professors’ office hours and if you get a bad grade you can always make it up.”

“Sahmyah Tittle, double major in marine science and biology and I am a sophomore. [Do not be afraid] to email all of your professors and ask for the required text before you get into class so you do not have to be in class for two weeks and still not have the required textbooks. Not every professor is willing to be understanding because that is one thing you could have done: ask them in advance. Do more things on campus. Coastal really does cater to their students [especially freshmen, your own special barbeque and events for the first 54]. I really enjoy the fact that they have destresser weeks that happen on Prince Lawn and I feel like that helps the students out.”

Get more involved in the activities that go on and meet more people. Do not forget to lookout for Cino Day because it is the best event on campus. It is the big fair that happens on Prince Lawn, there is food, rides, games and dancing. You’ll get a lot of free stuff in the process. “Take it easy, breathe, and you’ll succeed.”


CCU Sophomores

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