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  • Alyssa Brennan

'Hurrication' is over..... What's next?

Due to Hurricane Florence, the Coastal Carolina University community got an unexpected three-week vacation. Many are concerned about what that means for the rest of the semester.

“Please know all of our faculty and staff have your best interests in mind,” the Provost, J. Ralph Byington said in an email. “Some classes have been redesigned to allow for an alternative format of instruction.”

For some classes, online instruction was the alternative beginning on Sep. 24, but for other courses professors kept in contact and assigned alternative assignments. In person make up days may also be the way some professors choose to make up lost time which professors can choose to do with Saturday make up classes. There have been other days assigned for in person make up time as well such as Friday, Oct. 5, and even Election Day which is Nov. 6.

You can check WebAdvisor to see what your classes designated make up days and times are. However, check with your professors to see what their plans are because the can opt for an alternative assignment instead of in person make up time.

The storm has had a huge impact on our semester, and we may struggle to get through the material we need in many classes now.

“For Fall I classes, instructors will be assessing the ability for work to be completed,” said the Provost. “If it is not possible to complete the work by the end of half-term, instructors have the ability to issue incompletes that may be completed in the second half of the term or in the spring semester.”

Though, some are confident that we can stay on schedule and successfully get through required material.

“Throughout your college education, if you’re on the four-year plan, you will have had approximately 560 days of learning experiences satisfying criteria that prepare you for receiving your degree,” Edward Jadallah, Dean of Spadoni College of Education, said in his email. “When you use this quantitative perspective, 14 days is easily made up and should not have any major effects on your final educational goals.”

He also mentions that students working on completely their required internship have nothing to worry about.

“We have examined the internship calendar and even with the missed 14 days our candidates will be able to complete exactly 60 days,” Jadallah said.

Students are excited and ready to jump back into the semester. However, students are facing some challenges after so much time off.

“Because of the hurricane, I have lots of makeup work and have to work extra hard to understand the new material,” sophomore Sara Nibar said.

Some locals are also facing some challenges after being hit by Florence. Many have been dealing with flooding, and may be struggling. The university will be accepting donations for flood relief from Oct. 2-9. They will be taking personal hygiene items, baby products, cleaning supplies, and household items. You can make your donations outside the Lib Jackson Student Union.

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