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  • Tristan Wyatt

Coastal is 'Carolina Strong'

On September 9, many students were gathered into dining halls and HTC centers to discuss possible evacuation plans for the approaching Hurricane, Florence. Students had no idea the impact that the storm was going to do to the Conway area.

Three weeks later, students are receiving emails that say classes are to resume and start back to normal operations on campus.

However, we are not fighting this tough battle alone. At the game against Louisiana at Lafayette they started a “Care for Coastal” campaign to help Coastal Carolina recover from the hurricane. We received many thoughts from The University of Houston, who went through the destructive path of Hurricane Harvey, along with many other schools.

Coastal Carolina has started a “Carolina Strong” t-shirt sell on to help support the Wacammaw Community Foundation.

Lindsi Glass explained the story behind the development of the shirt.

“Fanatics approached CCU about their interest in developing a shirt to provide support for the areas affected by Hurricane Florence,” said Glass. “[Fanatics] sold a similar shirt last year in the Houston area. They approached universities and pro teams in North Carolina and South Carolina who were affected by Hurricane Florence with the option of the “Carolina Strong” shirt in their dark-gray tee option, that would include the text Carolina Strong with the school/team logo.”

After speaking with other students about their opinion on the “Carolina Strong” Fanatics t-shirt sell, many people, including junior Chris Milano, had the same thought on how great it is.

“This is a great opportunity not only to bring the Coastal Carolina community together it is bringing the entire Wacammaw community together,” said Milano. “Fanatics is really great about helping out schools when something negative happens.”

Coastal continues to stay strong with the help from the community, other schools, and our beloved country

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