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  • Alyssa Brennan

Staying safe this Halloween

Halloween is approaching, and many look forward to all the fun this holiday brings with it.

However, it can also be dangerous.

This Halloween keep yourself and your friends safe using some tips from faculty and staff.

Ina Seethaler, Director of Women’s & Gender Studies, gives some insight on how to stay safe while out this Halloween.

“Know your limits, know what your body can take,” she said. “Don’t roofie women's’ drinks, and don’t sexualize and objectify another person.”

Lieutenant Robert Pellerin of Coastal Carolina Department of Public Safety also has some advice on how to stay safe this holiday season.

“From a public safety perspective, awareness is one of the main things, not only on Halloween. Drink responsibly, in doing so, make sure you aren’t accepting drinks from anyone and know where it comes from,” Pellerin said. “Don’t go out places by yourself and use the buddy system.”

Pellerin also wants students to be ready in case of emergency.

“Keep your phone charged, have a backup plan for transportation, and have cash on hand because you don’t always have a wallet or purse with a costume,” Pellerin said.

Halloween also brings some potential threats.

“The potential of consuming too much alcohol in situations they wouldn’t normally be in and they can’t control [is one of the biggest threats],” Pellerin said.

Masks conceal others’ identities which also can make them a potential threat at parties.

“Stay aware,” he said. “If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Don’t be scared to walk away.”

Students should also be aware that driving with a mask on is illegal for legal adults in the state of South Carolina.

“[Driving with a mask] is also dangerous. It can limit visibility and make it harder to be aware of your surroundings,” Pellerin said.

Seethaler comments on what she feels is the biggest threat to college students on Halloween.

“Sexual violence is a huge threat, especially for college students, college women. Partying, costumes, and the consumption of certain things may lead to some feeling they have entitlement to womens’ bodies,” Seethaler said. “Respect other peoples’ bodies while out partying.”

With these potential threats, Coastal students need to be alert.

“Their safety is of utmost importance. Halloween has potential threats whether it be self-induced or not, everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings and keeping that in mind, everyone should have a safe and enjoyable night,” Pellerin said.

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