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  • Sydney Burgbacher

Coastal hosts Farmers Market as part of homecoming

On Monday, Oct. 29, producers from all over Conway came to Prince Lawn to sell their products to the students and faculty of Coastal Carolina. The products being sold consisted of fresh produce, honey, fresh smelling bath products, and much more.

Farmer Bill Morgan enjoyed seeing his fresh produce being sold.

“Students don’t always have the opportunity to buy this amount of fruit or vegetables right on their campus,” said Morgan.

Students enjoyed having a chance to buy homemade products on campus rather than going somewhere off campus to get some nice fresh food.

“I loved to see that there weren’t just farm foods. I bought lots of the homemade slices of pie and cake,” freshman Chloe Morello said.

Booths were set up all around Prince Lawn with products that would relate to something that students would be interested in. CCU Food Crew had a booth located on Prince Lawn to give the students a chance to win prizes. All students had to do was follow CCU Food Crew one of their social media accounts.

This year honey was a very popular item at the farmers market with several of the booths having their own homemade honey. Each vendor, including Joe Gantz, said that their honey was a bit different. The bees even took a liking to the honey that was sitting around.

“I’ve been one to sell my honey at farmers markets and a lot of my other contenders are usually there with me too,” said Gantz. “We all have something different about the honey that we sell, and it is all good! The bees are our biggest supporters, they always come with us.”

Another booth that was set up was a 13-year-old girl called “Jammie Girl”. She was selling bath products such as bath bombs, lotions, and soaps. She even had this unique bath bomb that would glow in the dark.

The 13-year-old's mom wanted to remain anonymous but did want to speak on the success of her daughter’s business.

“I’m really proud of my daughter with how far she has come in her own business,” she said. “My daughter did all on her own and now she is out here selling all of her products and the students are loving them.”

The 2018 Fall Farmers Market was a success, and hopefully there will be even more businesses out there next year.

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