• Lindsay Hickman

Dylan Blanton is feeling the teal at CCU

If you see Dylan Blanton cruising around campus, he is probably wearing teal and it is a good bet that it isn’t even Teal Tuesday. In fact, it is safe to say that Blanton’s entire wardrobe is teal. He loves Coastal and his bedroom is decorated in murals of Coastal Baseball legends.

Dylan Blanton is just like any other Coastal student, except he isn’t afraid of his own voice.

With a voice full of energy, one would never realize that he is a LIFE Student, with a serious disability. Blanton has never let that stop him from going after his dreams. He was born with a spinal cord injury, forcing him to live his life in a motorized wheelchair, but to him it doesn’t seem like a disability. Blanton can zoom around campus getting from building to building easily.

As a senior at Carolina Forest High School in Myrtle Beach last year, when it came to looking for the perfect college, there was no better option than Coastal Carolina University.

“I never wanted to go to another school,” said Blanton. “Coastal was it for me. I’ve been going to baseball games and all kinds of other sports every week, just about my whole life, so I wanted to come here.”

Since arriving on campus in Aug., Blanton has taken his education by the reigns, starting his own radio show here on campus at WCCU Radio. Blanton is also involved in two clubs and has a full schedule between attending athletic events and keeping up with his class load.

Blanton hosts Chant Talk which airs on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. on WCCU Radio. He loves sports, particularly Coastal sports, so he has turned that love into a weekly radio show. The show has already had some famous guests stop by for interviews and fun chats, including former CCU baseball player GK Young, of the 2016 National Championship team.

Blanton’s goal is to eventually be a sports announcer for a major network or a Major League Baseball team, and he figured his radio program was a great place to start.

“I’ve always wanted to be an announcer,” said Blanton. “I love keeping statistics for teams, particularly baseball, so radio was a great fit. I hope to promote athletics and maybe help get students more interested in going to ball games, no matter the sport. Student-athletes are not just talented, they are hardworking and I hope that through my show people will be able to put a personality with a name or jersey number.”

Blanton has plenty of experience in sports although he has never played for a school team. He was the team manager of his high school baseball team: Carolina Forest Panthers, for four years, in the last year he also announced the batting order and played the walk-up songs for the players.

“It was really fun. I got to be a part of the team and it helped me prepare for college, too,” said Blanton.

Blanton says that his favorite class is Personal and Community Health and his favorite professor is Cary Lukas.

When Blanton isn’t on a ball field, in a press box or in the studio, he might be found at another club he loves: Young Life.

“It is really fun because I’ve met kids that are in different majors and classes, so it is a great, welcoming place to make friends and just have a good time,” said Blanton.

If you ever seen him cruising around campus, be sure to say ‘hi’. And be sure to tune into his radio show. Download the TuneIn app on your mobile device and search WCCU Radio.