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  • Alyssa Brennan

Visiting Grover's Corner

‘Our Town’ was a wonderful performance directed by John Woodson.

He has had over 30 years of experience in the theater, which includes starring on Broadway and did great work on this play.

‘Our Town’ is a great story about a community coming together. This play can help you open your eyes to what’s really important. It takes place in Grover’s Corner in the early 20th century.

He comments on what the play means to him.

“Fifteen years later, it is still teaching me lessons, though now they are far more profound,” Woodson said in his director’s notes. “Wilder’s powerful themes of fleeting nature of human life and the importance of companionship cannot be missed by anyone who witnesses his play, and the efficiency and simplicity with which Wilder captures the complexities of what it is to be alive are nothing short of breathtaking.”

The theater department did an amazing job with this play. It was entertaining, moving, and a great chance to be exposed to the talent of students at this school.

Eric Hall did an amazing job with the costumes and the cast put on a great show. You could feel the emotion and passion coming off the stage; it felt authentic.

If you didn’t see this performance, you should see the next one. The theater department can put on a great show and some of their performances are only $7 for students.

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