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  • Alyssa Brennan

The cost of wearing school colors

As college students, most of us don’t have a ton of extra money lying around

Many students, however, would still like to be able to represent our university with the cool sweaters, hoodies, and the other things the Chanticleer Bookstore in the HTC Center carries. On top of getting that new teal sweater or that new Under Armour performance shirt, students also tend to buy their textbooks from the bookstore as well because it’s easier, convenient and you can make sure you are buying the right thing.

But then comes the moment of truth. The moment you must look at the price tag and see how big of a hit that that one item will take on your bank account. It’s a very cringe worthy moment when you see that that sweater is going to set you back $49.98.

Many Coastal Carolina students experience that moment a lot when shopping in the bookstore. It begs the question: why does everything in the bookstore seem so high-priced?

Sandra Baldridge-Adrian, the Director of Contractual and Business Services at Coastal Carolina University, gives some insight into how these prices are determined.

“New textbooks are sold at the publisher’s list price while used textbooks at least 25 percent less than the new textbook selling price,” said Baldridge-Adrian. “Rentals of new and used textbooks are discounted below their purchase price. School supplies are sold at or below the manufacturer’s suggest retail prices or locally competitive prices.”

While there are no discounts for students available at the store, there are some available for others.

“There is a discount for faculty, staff, and alumni association members on all purchases for personal use except textbooks and a few other exceptions,” said Baldridge-Adrian. “There is also a discount for departmental purchases with some exceptions.”

Many things carried in the bookstore can be bought online for a cheaper price, but if you’re looking for textbooks you can buy them for the cheaper price in the bookstore.

“The Chanticleer Store offers a Price Match Program that allows for price matching on textbooks advertised or offered from local brick and mortar stores and from online retailers, such as Amazon or, but excludes online marketplaces that have peer to peer sellers,” she said.

However, many students feel the prices are a little unreasonable.

Sophomore Danielle Olson, double major in early childhood and elementary education, gives her opinion.

“Those prices are really high, and I feel like students should get a discount,” Olson said. “I can’t find a lot of Coastal stuff anywhere else but the Walmart in Conway. Then, all three things I bought were stolen, too. I was beyond mad because I paid almost 200 dollars for all that stuff.”

Sophomore Jackie Awynne, education major, agrees with Olson.

“Those prices are too high,” Awynee said. “That’s why I don’t get Coastal things from there, it’s ridiculous.”

Many students on campus say that the prices in the Chanticleer store are just too high. With a student discount or lowered prices, students would be much more likely to buy Coastal sweatshirts or gifts to bring home to their families on the holidays. It’s unfair to expect students to spend $50 on a sweater when some of them can barely afford to go grocery shopping.

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