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  • Joshua Parsons

Trends never die

I recently spotted a man with a mullet. I thought to myself, why does he have that haircut? Does he actually think that it looks good on him? Am I missing something? Then I thought to myself, that used to be a very popular haircut. My father had it, and I think my mom even made my twin brother and I have a version of it as a child. I think back to style trends that changed a nation; that everyone conformed to. And once it was declared unfashionable, seemingly everyone got rid of it.

Why do some trends come back around, while others stay buried in their grave? Why do some people hold on to outdated trends, even if no one else is doing them any longer? One theory I have is that people who are stuck in out dated trends remember themselves as being in their prime when that trend was in fashion.

For example, a middle-aged woman with huge 80’s hair probably continues to style it that way because she felt young and beautiful when she first did it and wanted to keep it going. I can understand this logic. But what I can’t understand is what they see when they look around at society and notice that no one is doing that trend anymore. That we have evolved past the huge hair days. Of course, all of this is a matter of personal preference. I, myself, still hold onto certain trends that I’m sure are ready for retirement. The 90’s was known as the “grunge” phase. People wore flannels, leather boots and light wash jeans.

Around 2013, I really got into thrifted flannels and thought of myself as trendy for wearing vintage looking clothes. Six years later, I still wear a lot of the flannels and boots that I had bought that year, and although it may look a little dated, I’m comfortable in them. So, I realized after looking at this man’s haircut as terribly outdated and something he should change, I was being somewhat hypocritical.

Fashion is about what you feel good wearing. It’s how you choose to express your outward appearance to the world. No two people are going to always agree about what is “in fashion” and that’s okay. I know I’m going to have opinions on other people’s wardrobe choices for many years to come, but they will have their opinions on mine as well, and that is totally okay by me.

Next time you see someone wearing something that looks terribly outdated, think about the fact that this look is comfortable and familiar for them, and it’s how they choose to show themselves to the world.

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