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  • Courtney Douglass

Welcome to Coastal Sex Ed

Introducing the newest column at The Chanticleer – Coastal Sex Ed with Courtney Douglass

Welcome to the new advice column of the Chanticleer newspaper, Coastal Sex Ed!

It’s safe to say that most of us, at some point in our lives, will have a sex or sexuality question at some point. But let’s face it: there’s a lot of dishonest answers out there, from the movies, music, and magazines that we consume. While it’s all entertaining, it’s unusual for media to give us realistic depictions of sex. And, to add to that is the fact that a lot of adults that we grew up with often tried to scare us into not being sexual at all. Now, combine that with our friends’ attitudes about sex. Friends often try to brag, lie, and tell you things they think they should say—not how they actually feel.

Where can you get accurate, unbiased information?

That’s where Coastal Sex Ed comes in. My goal is to provide you with the info you need to make safe, responsible choices for yourself. It doesn't matter if you feel you’re not ready for a sex partner yet or you’ve already had many. My job is to make sure you can enjoy your sexuality in ways that feel right for you and the people you share it with.

By the way, there’s so much more to sexuality than safe sex and condom use. If you need answers on masturbation, gender identity, kink, or anything else, I’ve got you covered. Our sexualities are such a big part of our lives and affects so many parts of our identity. You deserve to get the answers that you need!

So, where can you get accurate information on sex and sexuality?

Right here!

Feel free to ask me sex and sexuality questions at Even if your name shows up on the email, please note that I will keep all questions anonymous and that I will report any harassment emails to the university. Do not send me emails about my personal sex life, and please, no pictures. Otherwise, ask me anything you need to know! I'm eager and excited to help!

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