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  • Courtney Douglass

Loosening up with Lube

Real talk? Lube is awesome.

If you use safer sex barriers, then you should be using lube anyway because latex can break

from friction. And if a penis-haver says condoms, no matter what size they are, don't feel good?

Put some lube on the inside of the condom. And, if a vagina can’t deal with the feel of latex, put

some lube on the outside of the condom. Use lube with other barriers, like gloves and dental

dams, too.

But, even if you choose not to use safer sex barriers, sometimes bodies don’t act the way we want them to. For instance, no matter how aroused a vagina is, sometimes it stays dry. This happens to people of all ages for loads of different reasons. When that’s the case, it usually helps to add some lube to the mix!

Besides the previous two points above, lube feels awesome, period. It’s wet and slick and can

help sex feel better. Lots of people use it for masturbation, manual sex (touching someone else’s

genitals), and oral sex. And if you ever choose to do anal, lube is an absolute must. The rectum

does not produce lubrication on its own and the sensitive tissue can tear.

Lots of people find their skin irritated by the ingredients in lube. If this happens to you, read the

ingredients. The most common culprits are glycerin, parabens, and other additives.

Water-based lube is the cheapest you will find. Since the main ingredient is water, it absorbs

right back into the skin, so it usually needs to be re-applied. (Hint: they have little individual

packets of these at Health Services! Go grab some!)

Silicone-based lube is more expensive, but it tends to last a bit longer than water-based lube. It

does not absorb back into the body, making it ideal for anal sex, but it also stains sheets. It can

also leave a lot of residue that can take a while to wash off afterward. Silicone lube isn't

compatible with silicone sex toys, since it will warp and damage the toy.

Oil-based lubes are not recommended. They degrade latex and can cause vaginal infections.

While some people like coconut oil, others don’t. It’s better to stick to store-bought stuff that's


Flavored lubes are great for oral sex! But they're not good for penetration since sugar doesn’t

bode well in the vagina or anus.

To get started, a bottle of plain old Astroglide from Walmart works wonders! For sensitive folks,

I’ve heard good things about the brands Pink and Sliquid. You can find these online at adult toy

sites like lovehoney (which offers student discounts) or at drugstores like Walgreens and CVS.

Sampler packs also abound for those who want more variety!

Lube is cheap, easy to find, and good for people of all genders and orientations! So, remember to stay slick, and slide into using some lube for better sex!

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