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  • Lizzy Notaro

Restaurant Rotation: hit or miss?

Some of the upperclassmen might remember “Queso Corner” in CINO Grille but as of last year, this was replaced with the new Restaurant Rotation in August. This started out with “Chopsticks, which carried modern stir-fry options. Since then, the restaurant has been rotating every month featuring all new menu items. The types of food that have been offered so far have been Asian, barbecue, Mediterranean and the newest addition ramen noodles also known as “Pho”.

Students have been speaking out upon their thought on the recent CINO Grille changes. There have been mixed opinions from students on the changes regarding the rotation. The restaurant rotation is meant to deliver a wide variety of options for students.

Chelsea Spivey, a junior at CCU, gave her opinion on the changes.

“Those who never had ‘Queso Corner’ are really missing out,” said Spivey. “It was just like having a Moe’s Southwest Kitchen on campus! I understand CCU wanted to try something new and I respect them for that. Although, while having these options is nice, I do miss having the luxury of getting my favorite nachos on campus whenever I want! I will say the barbeque station is a nice addition, but is disappointing when it’s gone the next month.”

Bronson Neil, a sophomore at CCU, is a regular at CINO Grille.

“I think the new rotation is pretty cool, it’s really nice to have so many options to eat on campus,” said Neil. “The barbeque was definitely my favorite option we’ve had so far. I think it’s nice to have changes every month in the dining hall. I always look forward to trying the new option offered in March. I am curious to what kind of food they will add in the future.”

We reached out to Aramark for their thoughts on the new rotation and what benefits they feel new changes have brought for students, they were unable to respond by the deadline.

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