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  • Donovan Moore

CCU Alumni plans trip to Seattle

In March, the Chanticleer baseball team embarks on a cross-country trip to Seattle to play in a three game to tournament with San Diego, Washington, and Oregon State.

“We knew we were having some community members of Horry County that were actually making the trip,” says Diane Sanders, Executive Director of Alumni Relations at CCU. “It was the perfect opportunity to tag on an alumni event.”

Seattle is a new destination for an event out of the Alumni Relation Office at Coastal Carolina, and the event is not limited to just alumni.

Because of the 2000-mile distance separating Conway and Seattle, this event has been extended to many members of Teal Nation including parents of current students in the greater Seattle area, family members of the athletes, and more.

Seattle is just one of many new destinations for the Alumni Relation office, when asked about how the location of these events are planned Sanders responds, “we are always planning alumni events in different areas, so that when alumni can’t always come back to campus, we can bring Coastal to them.”

The event will be held on Friday, March 8, in order to allow people to attend the baseball tournament and for anyone who works in the Seattle area to go in the evening.

The alumni relation office has other events planned for this spring including trips to Boston, Washington D.C. and a baseball tailgate for Coastal’s home stand against in-state rival Clemson.

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