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  • Lizzy Notaro

Tempo looks to be 'reborn' in latest issue

Tempo magazine is distributed twice a year at Coastal Carolina University, at the end of each semester. The most recent edition of the magazine is made up of artwork, poems, photo-essays, and personal stories from students on campus.

Tempo’s purpose is to engage CCU’s diverse growing student body. The Tempo Fall XVIII Volume XXI, Issue I covers relatable stories on personal hardships, overcoming your past, and how to cultivate the future.

Editor-in-chief Anne Kelley shares a letter in the beginning about the rebirth of the magazine and what the staff faced as they worked to complete this issue during Hurricane Florence and its aftermath. Kelley and her team really outdid themselves, especially while working through a natural disaster.

The personal stories shared in the magazine are some that take a lot of heart and bravery to share with the world. The writers stepped out of their comfort zones to share personal stories on some deep topics from dealing with body dysmorphic disorder, depression, coming out, hardships, mental suicide, and friendships. It is really inspiring to read these stories from these strong young men and women around campus.

In this issue, you will also find some interesting cultural stories on superstitions from different countries, and even some incredible journeys through a student’s family’s heritage. Six different students also shared their stories through poetry. The artwork is incredible throughout Tempo.

Throughout the magazine, you will find illustrations, digital artwork, photos, and even paintings, all of which are amazing. The artwork and photographs really tie in beautifully with the stories and poetry. Tempo magazine can be found in locations all over campus. Check out these stories and challenge yourselves to read all of them, because one of your fellow students could be someone you can strongly relate with.

Follow Tempo on social at @Tempo_CCU on Twitter or Instagram.

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