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  • OTia Prioleau

Brooks Stadium expansion nearing completion

The Brooks Stadium’s transformation means a lot to Coastal Carolina University.

It is what fans see and look forward to when they arrive on campus. The Brooks Stadium project has been geared in reference to the Sunbelt. Most importantly, it is what the team is hoping to be a good addition to the next season.

Coach Jamie Chadwell has been coaching for CCU for two years now and can’t wait for the stadium in hopes of a full house.

“Our university will get behind us, our students and community because of the way we play and how we play and more importantly I expect it to be the best atmosphere and environment in our conference, but it does no good if nobody is in there,” he said.

Chadwell has a message for the fans.

“You will see a team that plays with unbelievable passion for CCU, our alumni, our students and for this community. We will have a team that you can be proud of because of how we play and why we play and more importantly who we play for. The more you are connected to someone the more you would want to support them,” he said.

Director of Athletics, Matt Hogue has been at the university for 22 years at various capacities.

“Our expectations was to meet some of the compulsory assets, but also from a design standpoint, be able to offer more to the customer. One of our other expectations was to create a premium seating and suite location; different and better than we ever had,” he said.

There will be multilayers that will feature their own concessions and extra restrooms.

“Our message is simple; we want all those stakeholders and groups to engage with us. It will take Coastal Carolina University even farther,” Hogue said.

Silas Kelly, linebacker and redshirt sophomore, has been at CCU since 2016.

“It’s cool because when I first got here it wasn’t all the way connected. There was a section on one side and a section by the field house,” Kelly said.

Kelly just wants the fans to come out and enjoy the games when they can.

“When you all come out to support us, it helps us way more than you would ever know so we really appreciate you guys coming out. We’re going to have a really good season so you’re going to want to come out and see us,” Kelly said.

Fred Payton, freshman quarterback, was notified about the plans before arriving in August.

“When I was first getting recruited here they told me about the plans about expanding the stadium; being in the FBS program now, coming here and actually seeing it, the workings of it and the progression is really exciting,” Payton said.

Payton can see how the sight of the stadium project from the road will draw more people to come to the games.

“I expect the Coastal Carolina culture to raise its level for future recruitment,” he said.

Coastal Carolina football opens the 2019 season on Saturday, Aug. 31 at Brook Stadium against Eastern Michigan.

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