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  • OTia Prioleau

Keep the rotation flowing

Coastal Carolina University has been going through some changes and one of the most notable ones would have to be their restaurant rotation.

Many upperclassmen can remember a time where Queso Corner and Subway were a part of the dining options in the Lib Jackson Student Union. Now, Subway has been replaced by Freshens and Queso Corner has been replaced by a dining option that changes every month.

Sophomore Skylar Hicks was present for the first rotation back in the fall of 2018. When she first encountered it, she noticed the queso corner had changed into a pasta place.

“Next came pork, ramen and now it’s back to Mexican,” she said.

Hicks says that her favorite rotation thus far would have to be the pork BBQ joint. She recommends that a pizza place be added into the mix.

“That’ll be good because there are no pizza places inside Cino,” she said.

The only pizza place option that is on campus is Pie By Night in the HTC Center but is only open from 7 p.m. to midnight. During the day, it is a salad place called Greens By Day.

She wants the rotation to continue because Hicks doesn’t want the same thing consistently all of the time.

Sophomore Joanne Menelik has a similar opinion.

“The variety is better because we do not need the same food over and over again,” Menelik said.

Menelik feels as though there should be a sandwich place. She misses Subway and would want it to return.

Junior Jada Sims did not really enjoy the rotations that have been in place so far. She believes that none of them were topping each other. If Sims could pick a rotation, she would go for either seafood or soul food.

“I just hope the rotation improves,” said Sims. “The food quality, the tasting because we pay too much money and the food should not taste the way it does half of the time.”

If you have any suggestions about the food on campus don’t be afraid to submit your thoughts to the CCU Food Crew. For updates on everything food at Coastal Carolina, be sure to follow CCU Food Crew on Instagram at @ccufoodcrew and on Twitter at @CCUFoodCrew.

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