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  • Shayne Moody

Long-time CCU professor retiring after a near three-decade career

Professor Linda Kuykendall is ending her 27-year relationship with the university after this semester.

Kuykendall started off teaching public speaking in the English department. Kuykendall was really a “driving force” for the communication department because she wrote up proposals and curriculum for it.

Kuykendall has the first endowed scholarship for the communication department. The Linda Kuykendall Sports Communication scholarship was given to the college from Redskins cornerback and former Coastal Carolina football standout Josh Norman.

The scholarship will be taking applicants next year.

Kuykendall has done a lot for the university outside of the communication department.

“She’s won just about every award over time,” Wes Fondren, chair of communication department, said.

She has coached a number of speeches for different organizations including the Wall Fellows and the Honors college. Kuykendall also helps recruit athletes and has been for a long time.

Kuykendall doesn’t just have a close relationship with the faculty, but also tends to “parent” the students.

“I never expected to have a college professor like professor Kuykendall... She’s definitely one of a kind and will always hold the spot of the best handshake," Savannah Kiker, student, said.

Former students still contact professor Kuykendall to help them with their speeches. Even Coastal’s President David DeCenzo uses her help with his speeches.

Kuykendall is officially retiring on July 1; however, she won’t be too far away. She is still teaching classes next semester as a retiree. Kuykendall is returning next semester because she can’t get enough of teaching.

“She loves what she’s doing” Gwen Fowler, professor, said.

Aside from staying busy at Coastal, she and her husband enjoy driving their boat. Kuykendall also has a unique collection. Her office is cleaned out by now, but it used to store her Pez collection. Many rumors surround where the Pez will end up going. As for Kuykendall, she’s not going anywhere, and you might catch her in the hallways next semester.

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