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  • OTia Prioleau

Final exams have arrived

As the spring semester comes to an end we say farewell to our classes and hello to summer, but first there are finals. Finals start May 3 and end May 10.

Finals can be a stressful time and that is why we have days like the destress fest which has already happened but there are more destressors on the way. Cino Day is on that list and it will take place April 26.

Freshman Brie Gillen will be taking finals for the second time and has learned that group studying works for her. She found that some professors hold review sessions and is now taking advantage of those when she can.

“I probably will look over old test and stuff and make sure I do it ahead of time instead of waiting till the last minute like the day before,” Grillen said.

Junior Morgan Riggins starts early with her finals.

“If the professor gives back old test I go over the old test,” Riggins said.

She quizzes herself with people within her classes.

“I crammed most of freshman year and that did not work,” she said.

Riggins plans on seeking her professor's’ advice and will ask them more questions.

“Don’t cram the night before because your brain won’t remember it; you need to sleep to remember stuff,” she said.

Senior Chelsey Hunter has a routine to make a final semester to do list. She lists out all of her classes and the remaining assignments that have to be done. It helps her plan according to importance. Hunter makes note cards for her cumulative exams that she studies throughout the weeks of the semester to help her keep up and not cram.

“I am not as prepared as I think I should be because there are things that could catch you off guard,” she said.

Hunter is ready to graduate and is ready for her “staycation” She wishes luck to all of the undergraduates and hopes they stay true to who they are. “It’s okay to be your own person whatever that entails.”

Make sure to know when and where your final exams are. Look at your syllabus and or email your professors to make certain you know. Do not wait until the last minute because it will catch up to you and destress as much as you can. You’re almost done just a few more days.

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