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  • OTia Prioleau

Shuttle system adds new route

The Coastal Carolina University shuttle system has been changing frequently throughout the year.

It is completely different than last semester’s routes and is improving every chance they get. There’s the Bronze Shuttle, Teal Shuttle, Black Express, Gold Shuttle, White Shuttle, Teal/Bronze, Weekend, White, YY Event/Game, GG/KK Event/Game, and UP Express.

CCU’s newest additions to the list would have to be the Black Express and the UP Express which students are loving.

Sophomore Skylar Hicks likes the UP Express shuttle because it is quicker for her.

“After my three o’clock class I want to get about my business so I can go right to sleep afterwards,” she said.

She feels that the Teal Shuttle should get another partner because of the amount of students riding that shuttle.

Hicks thinks that Piedmont and Blueridge should get an express shuttle because she doesn’t want to have to stand all of the time. She has given the route for next year some thought and would like to request a stop to return.

“The founder’s stop where the post office is; I want that stop back,” she said.

Hicks also wants a stop behind Kearns to be in use as well.

Sophomore Elexis Thompson did not like the shuttle routes from last semester mainly because when they would go on break it would mess up the route for her.

Thompson does not like the weekend shuttle because “[she doesn’t] want to have to go everywhere else on campus just to go to Walmart.”

She was kind of skeptical about the UP Express at first, but now she thinks it’s the best shuttle on campus. It gets her to class on time and she loves it.

“This is a win; I hope they don’t cancel it until next year,” she said.

Thompson would like for the beach route to be fixed for a better time than 11:30 in the morning. Her only issue is the time the shuttle drivers go on break. Other than that, she enjoys riding the shuttles.

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