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  • Miles Getler

Is LinkedIn positive for college students?

LinkedIn is a social media network designed for professionals. People use LinkedIn to help develop their careers and network with employers, professionals, or companies.

On LinkedIn, you network with people by adding them as “connections,” a similar comparison would be sending a friend request on Facebook. By creating an account, you are making your own brand, and marketing yourself for free.

LinkedIn was created in Mountain View, California in 2002, and was launched to the public in 2003. The LinkedIn app was sold to Microsoft in 2016 for 26.2 billion dollars.

Shakilur Rahman, graduate student at CCU and LinkedIn user, talked about some of the benefits he sees in using LinkedIn.

“In the modern day, you need to have an online presence, because most jobs happen through applying online,” said Rahman.

Rahman described some of the ways a user can create a profile that stands out to employers.

“With a strong LinkedIn profile, connections, and endorsements, you can be easily looked up by employers through the site. It lays everything out, such as your résumé, the school you attended, and your skillsets.” said Rahman. “LinkedIn really helps both you and employers, put a face to a name.”

“If you don’t have one, you’re selling yourself short on the job market,” said Rahman

LinkedIn is said to have similar style to Facebook, because of its layout, formatting, and web features. You make an account with your picture, list your background work information, skills, and any attachments. You’re also given the ability to join groups or newsletters you want to be a part of.

It gives you the opportunity to publicly or privately message your connections, join a discussion threads, follow your interests, publish articles, and get endorsements by former associates on hard or soft skills.

LinkedIn has many academic and professional job search opportunities. If you put your college in your profile, you can look at the alumni page at the respective company you’ve searched. You can monitor if the alumni attended your university, and if you share similar expertise.

Hootsuite Statistics, on their website mentioned there are close to 600 million profiles towards the end of 2018. America has the highest amount of LinkedIn accounts at 154 million.

“With two professionals joining LinkedIn every second.”

According to Aaron Smith, associate director of research at the Pew Research Center, 50 percent of Americans with college degrees have LinkedIn profiles, 45 percent of LinkedIn users are in upper management, and 57 percent, use it on their mobile app.

As stated in Forbes Magazine, by the New York Federal Reserve, “One in ten students go to college to get better jobs, but 44% of graduates are unemployed.” And according to the economic policy institute “7% of college graduates are unemployed, with forty million college students and graduates on the LinkedIn network.”

For college students, and soon to be graduates, this online networking tool is a great way to start early on building your professional presence online and transition into the work force.

This app will help neutralize the looming fear of finding a job after college. With a clear and organized format, more students are joining the helpful professional network.

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