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  • Miles Getler

My time at The Chanticleer

I’ve had many great experiences as a student at Coastal Carolina, and one of the memories that I will cherish the most, is working for The Chanticleer.

As a reporter, it’s been an honor to work with such a helpful and honest organization of editorial staff, writers, and thinkers. Looking back on when I first entered CCU and became a writer, I’ve always made sure of one thing: stick to the facts.

In our current political climate, there has been an attack on journalism and a resurging concept of fake news. As a reporter, it is your duty to do adequate research to distinguish what is going, for the purpose of finding the truth and telling the public. The press is a cornerstone of America and International democracy, and it is under threat by people who choose to invalidate it. I’ve written many stories at the University, about politics, sport achievements, crime, events, and culture.

The last thing I would want, is to dishonor this institution with information that isn’t real news. I’ve always been fond of CCU’s Latin motto, ex libertate, veritas: from liberty, truth. This motto has resonated with me, because it’s guided my actions to always strive to do what is right and express the truth.

I’m going to miss my time at Coastal, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a college student. Thank you for the chance to be given a voice on behalf of the students.

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