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  • Sarah J. Bartholomew

Get to know more about CCU's history and traditions

Coastal Carolina University may be a newer institution, but it still has an interesting history.

Before Coastal Carolina University there was Coastal Carolina Junior College. The idea for a local college in Horry County was birthed in the Horry County Memorial Library back in 1954 and Edward Woodhouse took charge as director of the college. In 1960, the college joined campuses with the University of South Carolina, becoming USC Coastal Carolina College. In 1963, Edward M. Singleton became director and later chancellor. It was another 30 years before CCU became an independent university.

On May 7, 2007, David A. DeCenzo became president of Coastal Carolina University. Seven years later, CCU begins offering its first doctoral program, the Ph.D. in coastal and marine systems science. Two years later, the University begins offering 72 undergraduate programs and 21 graduate programs.

Coastal Carolina University also has a symbol that some may not know much about.

The Coastal Carolina University seal displays the founding year of CCU which was 1954, as well as the Atheneum, which stands as the architectural symbol of Coastal Carolina University.

Its name is inspired by “the Greek temple Athene, which was a meeting place for persons engaged in literary and scientific pursuits.” On the seal is the Latin motto, “Ex libertate veritas,” which translated means “freedom of the truth.”

The Chanticleer, a proud and fierce rooster, is the University's mascot. The Chanticleer is derived from Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and became CCU’s mascot in the early 1960’s courtesy of Cal Maddox, a resident English professor and basketball coach for the university.

No account of CCU would be complete without including the Coastal Carolina Fight Song written by English professors Joe Oestreich and Writing Center Coordinator Scott Pleasant:

We’re the Chanticleers

We're the Chanticleers, tenacious and true.

We’ll fight until the end

For CCU!

We’ll compete with honor. And always to win.

Gather for our battle cry

And then…

We’ll shout our colors.

Go teal (Go teal!)

And then we’ll yell out

And bronze (And bronze!)

And every team will learn

Coastal is number one!

We’re the Chanticleers–

Defending the shore–

Best of Carolina

Since ’54.

Stronger than the oaks

And sure as the tide,

Our hearts are beating fast

With Coastal pride!




To the incoming freshmen, class of 2023: congratulations on your acceptance to Coastal Carolina University and best of luck!

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