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  • By Sarah Kinder

Pack the Pantry brings in hundreds of donations

Every Chant loves Coastal Carolina University’s wide range of programs and services, but there is one recurring problem that has become a costly inconvenience for students. Parking!

Numerous parking citations were issued during the first week of the Fall 2019 semester and have aggravated the drivers in CCU’s overflowing lots. The unfortunate few were able to avoid dipping into their savings to pay off tickets due to CCU’s Parking Amnesty program.

All parking citations issued from Monday, Aug. 19, to Sunday, Aug. 25, were waived by donations of canned foods. At the CINO Pantry, the cost of five non-perishable food items waived one ticket.

According to the university’s website, The CINO Pantry was created by a University 110 class in 2012 to reduce hunger and improve nutrition on campus here at Coastal Carolina. The decision to open a pantry was based on the percentage of students who receive financial aid as well as the number of upperclassmen who live off campus and find problems that come with paying rent each month. Those who struggle with these problems still need to have enough money to buy food or a meal plan, and this issue is common among CCU students. The CINO Pantry was established to help these students succeed.

Students and faculty, apart from those who parked in reserved spaces and lots, fire hydrants and fire zones, curb cuts and accessible parking spaces, were eligible for this program.

Items were collected in the Lib Jackson Student Union B - 214 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Aug. 21 through Aug. 23, and again on Aug. 26 and 27.

Freshman Connor Cartmell received a parking citation on just his second day as a new Chanticleer.

“I was really bummed out. I really thought that where I parked was valid, but then I was fined $35,” Cartmell said. “Once I found out about the Parking Amnesty Week, I was relieved. I knew I had extra canned foods in my dorm that I could totally give away to save me those 35 bucks!”

This program works as a win for everyone. Students and faculty were able to support the student body while saving their own money.

During Amnesty Week, 214 tickets were turned in and paid for with non-perishable goods out of the 721 total tickets that were issued during the first week. This resulted in more than 1,070 items donated to the CINO Pantry, according to Amelia Carte, the coordinator for Civic Engagement.

Donations to the CINO Pantry are accepted year-round. For more information on what foods are accepted at the pantry, please visit Pack the Pantry on CCU’s website.

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