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  • Akilah Stroman

Football team to face Michigan

On Aug. 28, 2019, the Coastal Carolina football team held a press conference at 12 p.m. with coach Jamey Chadwell and two student athletes, C.J. Brewer and Trey Carter to discuss game one against Eastern Michigan.

Following a hot three-week camp, the team looks to keep the first home game streak alive and make it nine straight opening games they have won. With a roster of 125, 93 are freshmen and sophomores so with a very young team, the Chants are looking to make a statement early on.

Fred Payton has earned the starting quarterback position.

“Fred has earned the position from his performance and has also gained the trust from his teammates to take on the position,” said Chadwell.

C.J. Marable and Jacquez Hairston will be the two running backs the Chanticleers will use as their go to. Local talent Anthony McAfee will also be worked into the rotation. The backs position is very thin so the team will be looking to get other positions involved.

“They are going to make some mistakes, and they are going to make some bad plays and as a coaching staff we have to continue to build up their confidence” said Chadwell.

When asked about the defense, Chadwell commented.

“I hope you can see us playing relentlessly, playing hard every snap. Our front seven are experienced, they have seen a lot, so I think they are going to be the leaders,” he said.

With the team being so young, the Chants will be looking to use various formations and plays.

Defensive Tackle C.J. Brewer and Offensive lineman Trey Carter came in for questions and they both are eager for this weekend’s game.

“Fred has looked awesome. He had a great spring and a good camp. He did a very good job with the scrimmage as well” said Carter when asked about Payton and the quarterback position.

Brewer talked about the front seven and how they have all been performing and he thanks past players because they have set the tone for how things should be done and they have been able to better that and come together as a positional group and team.

Both Brewer and Carter believe that if they just play the game they all know how to play, everything will be okay. They understand mistakes will be made but it is about what you do after that play that really matters. These two will be good leaders for this young team.

“Support is really good, and we play better with it. It will be more motivation for the younger kids for sure. I promise them they are going to see a different team than they have seen for the past two years out there” said Carter at the end of the conference.

Looking to finally see a bowl game this season, the Chants plan to use core values like BAM, family and hard work as part of their plan to be successful this season.

Kickoff is at 3 p.m. this Saturday against Eastern Michigan.

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