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  • Story by Melanie Schlesser // Photos by Keonia

Serving up a sequel

A second Pie By Night location has opened.

Located in University Place’s District 54, the new eatery recently opened this fall to serve the residents of University Place. Just as the original Pie By Night located in HTC Center, the new location offers University Place residents a chance to have piping hot pizza delivered to their door. And, like the original location, students can still use meal swipes to purchase their pizza pies.

While a second Pie By Night location certainly adds convenience to the option, some students felt the pizza itself left something to be desired.

Alyssa Novak said that while she thought the pizza was decent, it was incomparable to her hometown pizza. Paxton Masarocchia, on the other hand, felt that the pizza was great for being from a campus food provider. Some would consider that high praise, since campus food is notorious across the country for not being the greatest. Aly Fletcher, a freshman, commented that she thought the sauce was the highlight; she complimented PBN2 on a sweet and flavorful sauce.

My order from the new Pie By Night location was decent. The service was convenient and there was a quick delivery. The pizza could have fared better: the crust was tough and the cheese was not well done. Would I prefer a different pizza shop? Yes. But as a college student on a tight budget, my dining plan is limiting and Pie By Night beats any other delivery service in Conway.

The opening of a new branch signifies how popular this shop is at CCU. With increasing foot-traffic, the additional locations adds life to the University Place living area. The addition also showcases thoughtfulness and willingness on the part of university staff by meeting students’ needs across campus.

Pie By Night is a great addition to the campus and a great value for students. In its affordability and convenience, both delivery services provide the sweet solution for a late night snack for students in all university housing.

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