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  • By Tyler Berkheimer

CCU improves university homepage

New homepage as of August 2019, featuring a new layout and banner photo

The new Coastal Carolina University homepage went live at the beginning of August and features a new and improved layout over the previous homepage which had been active since August of 2018.

The new layout is much more efficient than that of the previous homepages, allowing users to find the information they need in a click rather than spending needless time searching the website.

The current version of the homepage is easy to navigate with its clean, creative and simple design. The homepage features a new banner photo as well which has been a feature on the Coastal homepage since August of 2015. The new photo was taken in the seating area next to the P.O.D. express in the Academic II building.

Coastal has been updating the website yearly with new versions in August before the beginning of fall semesters. The new landing page provides students, faculty and prospective students a welcoming introduction to CCU online. With Coastal’s student population expanding each year, a well-maintained website exemplifies Coastal’s values of adaption and innovation. This improvement is one of many ways the school has inspired positive change for faculty, staff, students and those looking to join the CCU community.

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