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  • By Morgen S. Cvetko

Get to know your body better with Coastal's InBody Machine

Tucked away in Swain Hall room 141 is a nondescript compact machine called InBody 570 Machine. Through Teal Nutrition’s services, students have access to this technology to learn about their body composition.

The InBody, which does not emit radiation, quickly scans a user’s body from head to toe. From the scan’s data, students receive a wealth of information: total weight, weight of each limb, weight of backside area, BMI (Body Mass Index), and some cellular data.

There is no exercise requirement before or during the test, but it is recommended to not eat or exercise beforehand. Participants will be asked to wipe hands and feet before stepping onto the machine. Once in position, the InBody will begin its process of scanning. The test is painless and takes about one minute to complete.

Once the body scan is complete, a consultant will be available to explain the data and its significance.

Information from previous visits is kept on file and is accessible for comparison results. This is an excellent feature for any students who wish to track body change over time.

The test and consultation costs total to only $20. Nutrition Counseling sessions, which run at $15 per session, is a recommended service provided also by Teal Nutrition.

Students can take the scan by making an appointment with the Teal Nutrition office. Be sure to arrive early to fill out a small form before partaking in the test. Appointment times are flexible, and the session is typically over within 30 minutes.

For more information on the InBody or to set up an appointment, call 843-349-2634, or send an email to

Disclaimer: The InBody is available to any student at Coastal Carolina University. However, the test is not suggested for anyone with medical implant devices such as pacemakers. For females, it is recommended to not take the test during menstruation, as it could alter your results

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