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  • By Destiny Premo

CCU alumna produced film

Segfault, a film made in 24 hours without a script, was shown at the Lib Jackson Student Union.

Hall was the executive producer for Segfault, but more importantly to CCU students, she is a Coastal Carolina alumna. Hall graduated from CCU with a degree in Sculpture and managed to work her way up to becoming president and CEO of her company, The Barber Shop: Marketing and Promotions. From there, she decided with her company to create a unique, no-script movie where anything could happen.

Hall claims that she had gotten this far thanks to Coastal Carolina.

“CCU allowed me to figure out who I was [and] taught me to search out mentors and people who were already there to support me,” she said.

Due to this, she was able to live her life knowing she was not alone and allowed her to become confident in who she defined herself to be.

According to, Segfault was written, directed and filmed by Robert Paschall Jr. Other writers and producers include Northrup Lloyd, Brennan McMahon, and many others. The cast of over 20 people consists of Shannon Lucio, Cassie Shea Watson, Stephen Brodie, Joe Nemmers, and many more. The film was shot all over Dallas, Texas in only 24 hours, and there were no retakes for any of the shots. With the teamwork of the cast and crew members, Segfault was successfully released Sept. 10, 2017. No sooner after this had the movie gone viral and publicity for the film grew. says that companies such as Buzzfeed and Huffington Post have nothing but good things to say about Segfault.

The same thing goes for this CCU student, Caroline Townsend.

“I thought it was cool because it was unscripted, and it was different to watch. It was slow to start but seemed more realistic than any other movie,” she said.

Director Robert Paschall Jr. take his audience on an adventure in Segfault to discover Blair’s (Shannon Lucio) identity after waking up in a hotel room with a dead body and a missing recollection as to how the body came to be there. She receives a chilling phone call that sends her to retrace her steps and discover what memories she has lost, and why a mysterious organization is desperate to keep it a secret. Alongside her character, the actress must discover Blair’s identity in her own way. Not only was Lucio without a script, she also was not allowed to see her hair, makeup and clothes and was not even aware of her characters identity.

“This is an experimental film. The lead actress' performance is completely improvisational, she didn’t know her character's name or background,” Hall said.

A lack of knowing what will happen brings the film to life for the audience and keeps them on their toes due to the endless possible outcomes of the story. This film was shown in the Lib Jackson Student Union theatre on Thursday, Aug. 29 at 5 p.m. where all CCU students were able to view this stunning twist of a film.

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