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  • Story by Jenna Herazo

We want YOU to participate in 'Warrior Wednesday'

A new tradition known as 'Warrior Wednesday' will soon arise at Coastal Carolina University. It will debut on Sept. 11, 2019.

We all know of Teal Tuesdays, a tradition that showcases our CCU pride, but what about our appreciation for the military and those who have graciously served our country?

Inspired by CCU Alumni Eva Gianelli, the Warrior Wednesday was created for that exact reason- to raise awareness for our on-campus student veterans and military.

The new tradition will be celebrated on CCU’s campus every Wednesday. Students, faculty, and staff are all encouraged to participate.

Those who participate are encouraged to wear anything related to the military.

“It does not have to be camo,” Gregory Nance, director of veteran services, said. “It can literally say ‘Army.’”

Nance also encourages participants to wear not only clothing, but watches, hats, and anything that has a personal connection with the military.

In fact, CCU has teamed up with one of our own students to create a memorable shirt. Matthew Oakley, a junior at CCU and owner of the clothing company Live Vivid, has a special connection to Warrior Wednesday.

“My father was in the army for 22 years,” Oakley said.

When his father and Nance met to discuss Warrior Wednesday, this was the perfect opportunity to not only make shirts to support veterans, but have one of CCU’s own students in the creation of the tradition.

“Coastal Carolina and Live Vivid teamed up to spread awareness for veterans,” Oakley said. “The fact that I’m a student here shows that students want to be directly involved.”

Oakley has big dreams about the shirts and hopes to one day make them available for free on campus or sell them in the CCU bookstore.

The proceeds to Live Vivid from Warrior Wednesday shirt sales will go towards QL Plus, a disabled veterans’ charity.

Nance hopes this new tradition will spread awareness of CCU’s welcoming, military-friendly presence.

“I think it’s unique because a lot of college campuses don’t do this. I think by virtue of knowing how [the current] military climate is, they’ll [the students who participate] benefit personally from sense of pride,” Nance said.

For more information about QL Plus and how to donate, please visit

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