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  • Shelbi R. Ankiewicz

How CCU freshmen are adjusting to college life

Each college experience is unique for every student, and the introductory experience is particularly important for freshmen. Many of these students are concerned about inclusion, feeling welcomed, finding a community, and learning about campus activities and organizations.

I am a freshman commuter at Coastal Carolina University, and I have loved my experience thus far. I am a work study in the Veterans Office and am a member of both Delight and Refuge Ministries. I have seized every opportunity on campus that I have been granted and I aim to participate in as many programs as possible. However, there is more to campus life besides campus involvement. The student body is energetic, the professors care for students and the facilities are exceptional.

Before starting at CCU, I thought I would not have the same experience as the other students, since I commute from Myrtle Beach. However, I was quick to realize that my assumption was wrong.

Dyneria Brown is a freshman from Round ‘O, South Carolina. She is already actively involved on campus as part of the Chanticleer Regiment Marching Band. She enjoys being a bandmember because of the bonds that are formed through teamwork.

“I think I am adapting to college a lot faster than I thought. I am realizing every day that I have certain things to do for myself that my parents used to take care of. So, in a way, I’m learning to become a responsible, young adult,” said Brown.

Makenna Albanese is from Oaklyn, New Jersey. She is enjoying her time at CCU and likes her classes. Her favorite class is Social Problems because it brings her attention to problems occurring in society that she had not thought about before.

“I think my overall experience is going really good actually, but I am still adjusting from Jersey to South Carolina weather,” said Albanese.

As the year goes on, I, as well as all other incoming students, will gain a better understanding of young adulthood and college life responsibilities. College is a new experience for all freshmen, whether we lived five states away or just 10 miles up the road.

Good luck to everyone in the new semester and Chants up!

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