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  • Story by Rae’L Jackson

CCU’s ROTC grants students the opportunity to jumpstart their career

Senior Aaron Kanagy and junior Kourtney Scott are both in ROTC at CCU. Photo by Rae'L Jackson.

The U.S. Army ROTC Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is a program for college students to receive a college credit and gain understanding of military life.

As stated on CCU’s website, the program “not only teaches you the technical skills used in the Army, but also the leadership skills necessary for success. The credits received from ROTC classes are applied toward your diploma. And when you graduate, in addition to your diploma, you'll receive a commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.”

Four students currently enrolled are senior Anna Carpenter, senior Shadow Ostas, sophomore Aaron Kanagy and junior Kourtney Scott who all provided insight into the mechanics of the university’s ROTC program which consists of an elective class per semester with physical training for three days a week.

Carpenter reported joining the program after being awarded a scholarship during high school. The scholarship is the Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship, which requires her to join the National Guard upon graduation. Carpenter wants the world to know that she is not always uptight or serious, and that she participated in a sorority as well as other organizations while excelling academically and in ROTC. Carpenter enjoys the program and she is excited to join the National Guard after graduation.

As a senior, Ostas reflects on the summer training as some of her most memorable experiences. Camp CST (Cadet Summer Training) is a mandatory advanced training camp for juniors to gain second lieutenant rank upon graduation. Throughout the days of training, cadets are evaluated based on skill set and performance.

“During camp, I was able to meet friends from all over the world and learn how their program operates,” she said.

Ostas has attended Basic Camp, specifically designed for college sophomores and juniors, where she served as MS3 trainer mentor. She enjoyed this training most because she was able to influence and teach other cadets. Ostas plans to join the active duty component of the military upon graduation.

Senior Shadow Ostas and Matthew Broomfield are in ROTC at CCU.

After a long day’s work, ROTC cadets find time for fun. This comes during their mandatory community service for the fall semester. Cadets participate in FTX, fundraising events, and man football concession stands. The program provides an excellent spotlight for hardworking students.

Kanagy and Scott said they “enjoy the opportunities the program offers and the real-life military experience it gives.” Scott has enjoyed ROTC, especially the available leadership opportunities. She leads her own platoon and is the head of the color guard team. Kanagy is an eager sophomore excited for oncoming opportunity. Kanagy and Scott both plan to join the active duty component of the military after graduation.

To learn more about the ROTC program and to learn what it takes to join, visit

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