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  • By Sarah Kinder

CCU student helps to merchandise for Walmart store manager

Internships in college seem to be in high demand once students hit their junior and senior year. Your internship will depend on your major, but if you are a marketing or business major here at Coastal, interning at Walmart will give you the experience you may not have thought you needed!

Take it from junior Ariana Monroe who had an internship at Walmart for eight weeks over this past summer. Throughout her time there, Ariana mentions that she “...shadowed the store manager, assistant managers, and department managers.”

These departments included fresh produce, grocery, sporting goods, home goods, and stationary, all of which taught her ways on how to run and manage successfully. She stated that “one of the hardest departments to manage was the fresh produce department.”

Ariana also participated in daily morning tours, tours with the auditor and regional manager, conference calls, and meetings. These experiences gave Ariana the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a business.

Walmart found it extremely helpful to have a student that can share their perspective according to Mike Willard, store manager.

At the end of the internship, Ariana spent a lot of time working in the back to college department, which was a huge step to take. Anyone who went to Walmart that move in week could see all the students that would be hustling in, scrambling to find the necessities for their dorms.

Being able to voice her opinion on what to purchase and not purchase relating to school merchandise and then seeing people buy those items gave Ariana a very satisfying feeling.

Although our fellow Chant has not yet fully decided what she wants to do in her future, this experience helped shape a path and give her a glimpse of what her life could consist of.

Do you want to get this experience? Contacting the Career Services Center here at Coastal will point you in the correct direction for whatever internship you’re looking for, regardless of your major. Internships can help you set in stone your career path, give you a chance to work on and improve your professional skills, and will make your resume an even better candidate in the future.

According to our schools’ website, approximately 2,433 students from CCU completed internships for course credit; this year, that could potentially be you.

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