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  • Story by Tyler Berkheimer // Photos by Eden Alon

CCU revamps recycling with new Mini-Bin

CCU has started a new recycling initiative with the introduction of the Mini-Bin.

The bin has replaced all faculty trash cans in order to reduce plastic waste which a recent annual survey has estimated to equal 150,000 trash bags a year.

This initiative will also improve the recycling rates on campus as faculty, no longer issued an office trashcan, will be responsible for emptying their personal bins into the corresponding disposal receptacles.

Rodger Brown, CCU’s Quality Assurance Specialist, has noticed that the Mini-Bin has allowed custodians to perform remaining duties better and added that custodians can now perform a more thorough cleaning in higher traffic areas. Brown explained he has noticed an increase in items being recycled, proving the movement has already gained notable traction.

CCU’s Sustainability Coordinator, Jeremy Monday, says this initiative will help reduce the cost of sending trash to landfills and increase the recycling percentage among faculty. Monday explained that this streamlined system did not reduce any custodial or Sustain Coastal staffing positions.

The Mini-Bins were distributed to all office workspaces on Aug. 12, 2019 and have since been in active use.

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