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  • By Shelbi R. Ankiewicz

World travelers to perform in the Edwards recital hall

The musical duo, comprised of Brad Myrick and Nicola Cipriani, will be spreading the sounds of their new album “Wanderlust” at their live show at CCU on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 7:30 p.m.

Myrick and Cipriani began their collaboration in 2018 and have been producing original works since. As a result of plentiful positive feedback from their EP album, they decided to create a full-length album.

“Wanderlust,” their first full length collection of tracks, is meant to act as a source of inspiration for listeners to engage with the world and travel whenever possible. Each song off the record was inspired by a destination that either Myrick or Cipriani have traveled to.

“[They hope to encourage] being an explorer, looking for the next place to travel to,” said Myrick.

The duo thrives on jazz and classical music, so they agreed to make “Wanderlust” an all instrumental folk album. Despite the genres which hold high positions on the music charts, Myrick and Cipriani wanted to perform an all acoustic set, as they believe that the acoustic style opens the floor to a new, organic form of communication.

“It’s a chance to connect with an honest instrument,” said Myrick.

Although the musicians share experiences and traveling adventures now, there was formerly quite the distance between them. Myrick hails from New Hampshire and Cipriani from Italy. The two met while Myrick taught music at a university in Italy. Cipriani was one of his students and they instantly bonded and kept in touch over the years.

The distance proves practice to be extremely difficult. Cipriani and Myrick Facetime daily and take turns traveling back and forth once or twice a year to see each other. They agree that communication is key when it comes to success despite distance.

“It’s like a long-distance relationship – if you really want something, you’ll make it work,” said Myrick.

The duo is performing at the university courtesy of CCU’s own Dr. Tim Fischer. Myrick and Fischer attended undergraduate school together and became friends. Once Fischer heard news about the new album, he presented the idea of hosting a concert for the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts.

Myrick and Cipriani will be performing “Wanderlust” in the Edwards recital hall on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

The show will be $3 for CCU students with their CINO card. Come out and support this rising and multicultural duo!

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