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  • By Shelbi R. Ankiewicz

The Lumineers release new album after three-year hiatus

Indie folk band, The Lumineers, began creating music as a two-man formation in 2005.

Since their humble beginnings, the collective has expanded to include Stelth Ulvang, Byron Isaacs, Brandon Miller, and Lauren Jacobson. Their third and most recent album, titled III, includes 13 tracks including “Gloria”, the number one hit on Alternative Songs from June 22, 2019.

Washington’s Top News said, “all in all, the breadth of the project is remarkable.”

The album is titled III, not in allusion to the band’s number of album releases, but due to the three chapters in which all of III’s songs are separated. With the addition of music videos for nine of the 13 tracks, the band created a visual storytelling effect, following the life of a character borne out of each song. Each character’s story is spread between three music videos, and the culminating product of three storylines creates an immersive short film for viewers.

“Lyrically, The Lumineers use searing imagery, painting a picture with each song,” said Ragan Clark, a writer for Associated Press.

The Lumineers wish for every aspect of their art to elicit emotion from their viewers and listeners, whether it be through silence, notes or syllables. So often silence is not considered part of musical composition, but it can be the most subliminally striking feature.

“I like The Lumineers because their music always puts me in a good mood,” Chris Brady, a CCU student said.

My favorite song on the album is “Life in the City” which tells the story of a woman named Donna and her problems related to drugs, alcohol, and romantic relationships. In “Life in the City,” The Lumineers reference two tracks from their previous album, “Cleopatra.” This incorporation of previous work plays into the thematic sound and sophistication of the musical collective.

This new album is quite sobering, for it covers serious topics regarding drug use and relationships. These themes stand in sharp contrast to previous releases which are noticeably more lighthearted and upbeat. Although this album takes a turn showing The Lumineers dark side, it provides a deeper insight into the performance and capacities of the band members themselves.

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