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  • By Shelbi R. Ankiewicz

Musical duo captivated CCU crowd

Brad Myrick and Nicola Cipriani performed a lovely concert Thursday, Sept. 26 including all nine acoustic tracks off their self-titled album, “Wanderlust.”

Myrick, from New Hampshire, and Cipriani, from Italy, have been performing together since 2018. The two musicians visited CCU’s Edwards Recital Hall to perform songs off their recent record as well as other originals. In between each song, the musical duo shared stories about the history and inspiration between each song.

Both Myrick and Cipriani wrote a song for their hometowns. The pieces were titled “992 Hopkinton Road (New Hampshire),” and “Fidati Del Vento (Lake Garda, Italy).” Hopkinton Road is the street on which rested Myrick’s family home, and Fidati Del Vento, which translates to “trust the wind” in English, is near where Cipriani lived.

Myrick shared many stories about his travels, the most memorable being his venture to Puerto Rico. Myrick was in Puerto Rico for just a few days, and whether he was on a beach, in a restaurant, or in a bathroom, he heard a specific beat continuously. The beat resounded in every song he listened to, and the sound seemed to never escape his mind. When Myrick returned home, he decided to write his own version of that same beat and pair it with his guitar. The experience led to the song “Dorado,” which is featured on the new album.

Cipriani also shared stories of his travels: he spoke fondly of his visit to Chile five years ago. Cipriani was on his first tour outside of Italy. The band’s song, “Renaca,” came to him as he was lying outside on the beach. He was still, just watching people as they walked by and the beautiful sunset in the background.

The duo wrote every song on the album separately except for “Reflections.” This was the first song they sat down and composed together. "Reflections” is about looking back at all they have accomplished, individually and as a team, as well as a glimpse into their future.

The concert reigned on for an hour and a half. The duo played forcefully, strumming and slapping their guitars with passion and gusto. Each song was met with gracious applause from captivated listeners.

“As a guitar major, I would trade my right hand for either of their left hands,” said Ben Gendle, a CCU student.

Even with the songs being acoustic in nature, the effect on the crowd was just as strong as a typical concert. The intimacy of the quiet begged silence from the crowd for each note to be listened to.

“It was a really cool show, not something you expected to hear,” said Jordan Simeon. “It’s like when someone tells you to try something and you’re not sure, but then you’re glad you did.”

Performances of the band vary greatly depending upon the location of its venue. Just as it is different playing in another country. Cipriani, living in Italy, said he enjoys playing in the states because people react differently.

“Here they respect being a perfectionist or not; I have pride playing here,” said Cipriani.

As the musical duo commences their tour in Italy, CCU thanks Cipriani and Myrick for sharing their stories and talent to the student body and wish luck to future endeavors.

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