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  • By Sarah Kinder

The Peanut Patch partnering at CCU

Peanut Patch is a brand of boiled and canned green peanuts from McCall Farm in Effingham, South Carolina. Teal Nation Communication, a student led agency at CCU, has partnered with Peanut Patch to make these delicious boiled peanuts a staple snack for the crowds at home football games. This is the most advantageous promotion that the university’s collective of students has performed, and the results have been successful.

Jeff Ranta, the head faculty advisor, provided information on how important this experience is to the students involved, “...ranging from event planning to communication to social media execution.” The efforts of the students help them “prepare for the real world with deadlines, close interaction, and relationship management,” says Ranta.

Various colleges throughout South Carolina are participating in this partnership including Wofford University, University of South Carolina, Clemson, and The Citadel. CCU's home football games host the sales of these tasty peanuts, as well as two upcoming Teal Tuesday’s: Oct. 15 and Oct. 22.

Located at Gate 1 in Brooks Stadium, you will see Patch the Monkey and a crew of CCU students promoting this snack for everyone arriving to support the Chanticleers.

A buyer can even redeem prizes after purchase! Customers are encouraged to take a photo with the peanuts and upload the photo onto where website visitors will vote on the “peanuttiest” fan. One lucky customer is voted to be biggest fan of the week, winning one of various prizes including an insulated tote bag, a “Peanutee” t-shirt as well as some boiled peanuts. Others who share news of the contest and vote for the winner are also eligible for prizes.

These delicious boiled peanuts, ranging in flavors from Original to Cajun to Salt and Vinegar, can also be found at local grocery stores.

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