SGA President Jazz Johnson has big plans for future

November 6, 2019


The Student Government Association President, Jazz Johnson, is making big changes here at Coastal Carolina University. 


Johnson is in her third and final year at CCU. She is a double major in political science and LIS Hispanic studies.  


Johnson first became involved with the SGA as a freshman. Her entering position was senator and she was soon promoted to vice president during her sophomore year. In the Fall of 2019, Johnson was elected as president. Her work in the SGA is especially credited to her work behind the scenes.  


“I saw over the years where we, as an organization, could go. I could bring that knowledge into that [president] role to push us forward,” said Johnson.  


As president, Johnson is the most reputable spokesperson for the student body. She encourages everyone to get involved and speak on topics and desired changes for CCU. Professor Renee Smith, former mentor of Johnson, believes Johnson is flourishing in her role.  


“She’s taking advantage of the whole Coastal experience. She listens to others’ needs and wants to be a voice for them,” said Smith.  


Khyle Mingo is the current vice president for SGA. He met and worked with Johnson through the organization last year. Mingo plans to run for president next year and feels it would be a privilege to take the position after Johnson. 


“She’s making a[n] impact on campus. She’s doing a good job separating her emotions with what has to be done,” said Mingo.  


Johnson believes SGA is heading in a good direction. The organization hosted their first ever SGA retreat in October. Schools from all over brought their student governments and discussed their organizational and leadership methods. 


Johnson’s goal for our SGA is for students to attend at least one meeting within their four years at CCU. The more involved students are, the more change can be brought about. Another way students can get involved is by responding to surveys sent through Coastal emails for feedback on various service.  


Although the student president is heavily active with SGA, she also enjoys working out, writing poetry, and participating as a member of the Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. 


After graduation, Johnson plans on joining the United States military. She plans on a commitment to the reserves, so she can serve and attend law school at the same time. Surely, her participation as a leader and fellow student through SGA will help her tremendously with her future endeavors.  

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